DEFS: Debian Errata for Spacewalk

This fine piece of software allows you to import errata information from the Debian Security Website list into your Spacewalk-Server.

NOTE: This software is still in BETA. So far, nobody was hurt.


  • 20130218: First release based on CEFS
  • 20130218: Supported releases: Squeeze (6.0) on i386 and amd64 (starting from DSA-2158)
  • 20160907: Regular XML updates are now available from Atix at
  • 20161218: The errata-import script has been updated to support Spacewalk 2.6 and better handle HTML encoding (for Debian advisories).


  • Download the latest errata XML file HERE
  • Download the errata-import.tar script HERE
  • Extract the downloaded tarball in an empty directory (tar xf errata-import.tar)
  • Make the main script executeable (chmod 755
  • Run the script and follow the instructions (./


  • Depending on the performance of your server the inventory process may take multiple minutes per channel (Hint: use --include-channels)
  • All errata are created but not published so you can review them (Hint: look at --publish)
  • You can publish errata via the Web and/or API

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How (often) is the XML file generated?

    As this project is still in early development the XML is updated manually

  • Can I download the file regularly?

    Yes, of course. If you use wget please use -N to download only if it has changed.

  • Something isn't working. Where can I get help?

    Please run the script with --debug and send me the output via email or upload it to some place like Pastebin and send me a link to it. I will try to help you as time permits.

  • How do I set username and password for the script?

    Set the environment variables SPACEWALK_USER and SPACEWALK_PASS accordingly. Example:

    export SPACEWALK_USER='admin'
    export SPACEWALK_PASS='supersecret'

    Then run the script.

  • I get "Authentication FAILED" errors but the password is correct?

    Make sure that you put your password in parantheses. Otherwise your shell will turn PASSWORD=super$ecret into "super" as $ecret is not defined. Bummer, I know.


    I would like to hear how this tool works for you. You can contact me via email: email (at) steve (dash) meier (dot) de

    If you find this tool helpful and would like to show your appreciation you can do so via PayPal or Flattr: Flattr this